The backlit keyboard is completely detachable.

Zagg today unveiled its new Rugged Book case for the iPad mini 5 that brings a true full keyboard experience and complete protection to Apple’s miniature tablet.

The iPad mini was made to travel, so you need protection that’s powerful as well as portable. The Rugged Book keyboard and case can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet. It also makes using your iPad mini easier than ever with backlit laptop-style keys, Bluetooth® pairing, and a detachable case with multiple viewing angles.

The case itself consists of two layers: the outer tough polycarbonate shell and the TPU inner lining that absorbs shock leading to its 6.6-foot drop endurance. The keyboard, which is also protected by a similar case, is a fully backlit QWERTY keyboard that connects via Bluetooth. It can be detached magnetically if you just want to use the iPad in tablet mode.

This will be one of the most versatile tough cases with a keyboard you can buy for the iPad mini 5 as not even Apple offers its Smart Keyboard cases for the smaller tablet.

Zagg’s Rugged Book case for the iPad mini 5 is now available through its site for $129.99. It is only available in black and comes with a one-year limited warranty in which Zagg will replace or exchange the case if it comes with a defective workmanship.

Not so mini protection

Zagg Rugged Book

$130 at Zagg

The folio keyboard experience for your iPad mini 5

Zagg’s new Rugged Book case for the iPad mini 5 brings full protection to the minuature tablet along with a full backlit QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard can also be detached if you want to just use it in tablet mode. Just connect it via Bluetooth and remove it when you don’t want to use it.

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