It’s time to get to work, and this protective case can help.

With Apple’s latest iPad mini having just arrived in stores only a few months ago, it can take a bit of searching to find quality accessories made specifically for the new 5th-generation tablet. Luckily, the Zagg Folio Case with Keyboard for the Apple iPad mini 5 was just unveiled and is now available for purchase at Zagg’s website, offering an enhanced experience for iPad mini users.

This stylish, textured folio case protects your new tablet from scratches, scuffs, and dust, while packing in a lightweight, portable keyboard with backlit keys so you can get your work done whenever, wherever. While amping up your productivity, you’ll also keep your iPad safe from front to back. There’s even an integrated, versatile 180-degree hinge which allows you to adjust for the best viewing angle, just like you can with a laptop.

There aren’t many smaller mobile computing options which aren’t smartphones; Zagg’s Folio Case fits easily in bags and backpacks so you can bring it on the road while getting to pack all the rest of your essentials too. With its rechargeable battery, the keyboard can keep you typing for up to two years before needing to be powered up again.

If you’re ready to become a bit more productive with your iPad mini, Zagg’s Folio Case with Keyboard is now in stock at Zagg’s website for $99.99. Free shipping is included with all U.S. orders, as well as a one-year warranty for all purchases.

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Zagg Folio Case with Keyboard for Apple’s iPad mini (2019)

Your new iPad mini is fun, but how productive can you be while typing with one or two fingers on its touchscreen? Zagg’s Folio Case features an integrated keyboard with backlit keys that let you really get down to business with your tablet.


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