July 22, 2019 Ubisoft says it messed up Siege’s latest community challenge, so participating players will get the reward even though the numbers fell short.

Last week, Rainbow Six Siege’s Sharpshooter Challenge went down undefeated – apparently the first time in the game’s history that players have failed to complete a community challenge. It wasn’t even close, either. Now, Ubisoft says the unreachable goal was a “miscalculation,” and players will get the promised Landowner weapon skin regardless.

“Due to a miscalculation, our goal for the Sharpshooter Showdown challenge was not achievable despite your best efforts and dedication to the event,” Ubisoft says. “We will grant all players who contributed to the challenge with the Landowner skin over the next 3 days.”

While that might suggest Ubisoft never would’ve let the reward go unclaimed, community developer Craig Robinson says on Reddit that “If we had set a realistic goal and the player base was only 10k short. We wouldn’t be giving it away.” Robinson says “because the fault was ours, we felt it was best to provide players that contributed the skin.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/rainbow-six-siege/landowner-skin