Death Stranding is nearly here – on PlayStation 4, at least – and now it’s finally time to see what gameplay looks like. Hideo Kojima appeared on stage at Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live at Gamescom. Kojima got a hero’s welcome, and he took the opportunity to show off in-game Death Stranding footage as you’d expect: with pee and a Keighley cameo.

Scroll down to check it out for yourself. The pee makes a mushroom grow, and Kojima says that if many players pee in the same place, something good will happen. The director also says afterward that you’ll never see Norman Reedus’ penis, as Sam will always turn away from the camera while you’re peeing. Sorry, I guess?

We also got a set of new character trailers. One introduces Mama – keeping up with the ‘Quiet’ school of naming female characters – a woman whose baby was born on the “other side.” Thus, she maintains her connection to the child via a ghostly umbilical cord. The other showcases Guillermo del Toro’s role as Deadman, and gives a bit more context on how Bridge Babies work.

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