That Steam user review that lists thousands of hours played and ultimately says “it’s okay” was funny the first time, but by now that particular gag has worn pretty thin. Luckily, Steam has just implemented a new set of filtering tools to let you narrow down opinions by how long users have played the game, and there are some other improvements around playtime tracking, too.

Alongside the existing review sort tools, you’ll find a dropdown marked ‘playtime.’ You can choose minimums like one hour, ten hours, or 100 hours, or run a custom filter for anything up to triple digit hour counts. So if you feel a gaming opinion is only valid from someone who has played precisely 16 to 34 hours, for example, you can get exactly those sorts of reviews.

The new filter settings in particular are labeled as a Steam Labs feature, so it seems Valve has plans to use that experimental branding for certain features that are directly implemented into the store. Other Steam Labs features for the store – like the new search – have required you to opt-in for access. Not so here.

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