The next DLC for Total War: Warhammer II is out very soon, September 11 in fact, which will add new Legendary Lords for the Empire and the Lizardmen. While the giant Dread Saurian on the Lizardmen side is probably the most exciting unit, Huntsmarshal Markus Wulfhart, his Huntsmen and the War Wagon expands the Empire’s side significantly.

Huntsmarshal Wulfhart joins the other major Legendary Lord of the Empire, the Emperor himself Karl Franz. In preparation for this expansion of the Empire – and Total War: Warhammer II itself – developer Creative Assembly is giving players the chance to learn all about the rise to power of the fearsome leader of the Empire.

The story is available as a free ebook called The Prince of Altdorf, by the lead writer of the Total War: Warhammer series, Andy Hall. Fans interested in learning more about Karl Franz before he become the Emperor just have to sign up for a free Total War Access account over at the special TA Access website, if they haven’t got one already.

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