After over a decade of waiting, a new Age is upon us. After months of hints, Microsoft has finally unveiled Age of Empires 4 with a shiny new gameplay trailer, along with some new details about the return of the classic strategy game. While the Age of Empires 4 release date is still some distance away – nothing confirmed here – there’s plenty here to stoke the fires of your wololo.

It looks absolutely fantastic – massive unit counts, beautiful locations, and a wonderful style. It’s set during the medieval era, and the trailer confirmed two factions: the Mongols and the English. It looks like we can expect some notable siege battles as well – or the base-building mechanics have gotten way more advanced than my memories of Age 2 suggest.

The new studio handling Age of Empires now has a name, too: World’s Edge. The Relic Entertainment logo also appears at the end of the trailer.

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