World War Z came out back in April, and now the multiplayer zombie shooter has just wrapped up its first season. Developer Saber Interactive is kicking of World War Z season two with two new chapters, a prestige system, and – best of all – a flamethrower.

To take these in reverse order, the flamethrower does exactly what it says on the tin. It shoots a steady jet of fire, which can be used to direct large zombie hordes away from key areas or into traps you’ve set up elsewhere. Setting up with one of these at a choke point could be a great way to buy your teammates some time to clean up, find key items, or get some healing done. It’s been something the player community has been asking for since launch, and now they’ll be able to roast zekes to their hearts’ content.

The prestige system is another highly requested addition. Like other prestige systems, this allows you to roll your class rank back to the start, keeping certain bonuses and gaining access to some special cosmetics that let you show off your high level and dedication to the game.

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