PC users looking to upgrade to a secure and modern OS may want to take another look at the MacBook Pro, as you can now use its Touch Bar with some of the most widely used Windows applications.

Keeping Parallel

Parallels Desktop 13 launched this week. The software makes it really easy for any Mac user to run Windows on their Mac, it even downloads a copy of Windows 10 for you (though you will need to purchase the OS from Microsoft).

You create virtual machines for each OS you want to run on your Mac, and once you have these installed, you can run the hosted operating systems in a window on your Mac, returning to macOS as and when you want with a tap on the Desktop.

While installation is easy, it isn’t short. And if you need to download an OS, then you must be certain you can handle downloading at least 4GB of data on whatever internet connection you are using when you install.

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