These days end-to-end encryption has become a standard feature that we can expect from messaging apps these days. However, governments aren’t too thrilled with the feature because it means that it would be hard for them to break into devices, which they claim is for national security purposes.

Now it seems that the US government might finally do something about it. According to a report from Politico, it seems that the Trump administration could be considering banning end-to-end encryption. The report claims that during a recent National Security Council meeting, the topic of end-to-end encryption was brought up.

The meeting was said to be divided into two camps: one that wanted to publicize the administration’s position on the technology, and the other wanted to ask Congress to vote on legislation that could ban it from being used. No decision was made, but it does highlight how the government could be looking to toughen their stance on the tech.

So far, law enforcement agencies have been fighting an uphill battle trying to get tech companies to comply with unlock requests, where they have tried asking companies such as Apple to install backdoors in their devices. Instead, they have since turned to outside companies to help them unlock phones.

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