Best answer: If you can afford it, we’d strongly suggest opting for the larger (and obviously more expensive) Instant Pot Aura Pro. On top of giving you a larger capacity, which is great for cooking for a crowd, it offers more features and better functionality than its little buddy.

  • 6-quart: Instant Pot Aura ($60 at Amazon)
  • 8 quart: Instant Pot Aura Pro ($180 at Amazon)

Size it up

Two quarts might not seem like a huge difference, but when you’re trying to squeeze your over-sized Thanksgiving ham into a 6-quart slow cooker, you’d be really grateful for an 8-quart version. Obviously, that size difference does impact the cookers’ footprints on your countertop. The Aura Pro measures a not inconsiderable 16.8 x 11.6 x 11.3 while the other model is a teensy bit more svelte at 16.8 x 11.6 x 10.7. Likewise, the Aura weighs in a tad lighter at 11.7 lbs while the Aura Pro hefts it up with a bulk of 12.9 lbs.

The cooking pots are also different. The Aura offers a non-stick ceramic coated aluminum pan, while the Aura Pro gives you a bi-ply stainless steel interior with an aluminum exterior. Other features worthy of note that are the same for both models are the tempered glass lid (perfect for monitoring your meals without letting out heat), the 24-hour “Delay Start” functionality, and the fact both cooking pots are (hurrah!) dishwasher safe.

So controlling

The Aura Pro beats the 6-quart version with 11 smart built-in cooking programs versus 10. Both models can roast, stew, steam, slow cook, bake, cook rice, make yogurt, sear/saute, and keep food warm. However, the Aura Pro also gets a multigrain cooking program and crucially for some, it can sous vide. This function means you can cook vacuum-packed food in an evenly and accurately controlled water-bath. It’s an amazing way to seal in flavors and ensure meat and fish is super tender. So, when it comes to it, you have to consider the size of your family, how often you host, and what you’ll be cooking.

Do go Pro

Instant Pot Aura Pro

Eight’s great

Aura: $60 at Amazon
Aura Pro: $180 at Amazon

The Instant Pot Aura is a cool multicooker currently available for a very good price. But, quite simply, the 8-quart sous vide-capable Aura Pro is clever, bigger and better than the plain old Aura. We would 100% recommend spending that extra money so that you can go Pro.

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