You’ll have a carton box full of eggs ready to hatch in no time.

Hardcore Pokémon enthusiasts breed a lot of Pokémon. Whether you’re shiny hunting or trying to get max IVs on your favorite Pokémon, breeding them at the Pokémon nursery is a good way to do so. But you won’t always find that you’re left with an egg to hatch. When you want this process to go a bit faster, you’ll want the Oval Charm.

What does the Oval Charm do?

The Oval Charm increases the chances of an egg appearing at a nursery when you’re trying to breed Pokémon, so long as they’re compatible. It won’t suddenly make it possible for two incompatible Pokémon to breed together, but it will make it much faster for when you’re breeding for perfect IVs or trying your hand at the Masuda Method to get a shiny Pokémon.

You do not need to have a Pokémon at the nursery holding the Oval Charm in order for its effect to work. It’s entirelly passive, so as long as you have in in your bag (it will be marked as a Key Item), it will increase your chances of finding an egg.

How to get the Oval Charm

You’ll only be able to get the Oval Charm after you have defeated Leon in the Champion Cup and become Champion of the Galar region. Once you do this, visit Circhester and enter the hotel to the right of the Pokémon Center in the town square. Take the elevator to the second floor and go into the first door to your left. You’ll find a police officer NPC named after Game Freak designer Shigeki Morimoto, the creator of the series’ iconic battle system.

Defeat him in a double Pokémon battle and you’ll earn the Oval Charm. His entire team is Lv. 65 so you should go in with a powerful team as well.

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