Best answer: It’s possible to purchase replacement pots direct from the manufacturer. You can buy a tidy three-piece set direct from Ninja or opt to swap out individual parts.

  • Keep it single: Ninja Ceramic Coated Inner Pots (from $22 at Ninja)
  • Let’s bundle: Foodi Deluxe Baking Kit ($30 at Ninja)

Fare thee well cooking pot

Ninja Foodi cooking pots are pretty hard-wearing. But if you use your pressure cooker regularly and subject the pot to repeated dishwasher action, it is only going to be a matter of time before they wear out. If you love your Ninja Foodi so much you’ve all but killed the cooking pot, do not despair! It’s relatively affordable to replace it. Our replacement suggestions will get you back on track with the multi-cooker action.

Bake up

If you would like to extend your culinary repertoire from just slow or pressure cooking in your Ninja Foodi, the Deluxe Baking Kit is an ideal present to yourself. There are three elements to this cool kit. The multi-purpose pan is perfect for casseroles, stews, one-pot bakes, and cakes.

Meanwhile, the 9-inch crisper pan has a clever design with small holes in the base, which gives you a better airflow for things like pizzas, flatbreads, and quesadillas. Finally, the loaf pan is shaped perfectly to find inside your Foodi, so you can make lovely loaves and other bread-based items.

Pot swap

The pot is made of lightweight aluminum, but it has a non-stick ceramic coating. The inner cooking pots will get you back on track in the kitchen if your existing one is coming to the end of its days. The smaller version measures in at 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches. It will fit like a cooking glove into a 6.5 quart Ninja pressure cooker. Plus, there is also an inner pot available for the larger 8-quart model.

You may just want a replacement, and we feel you. But having different pans that are perfectly designed to fit in your Ninja Foodi will dramatically expand your pressure cooker menu choices.

Keep it single

Ninja Ceramic Coated Inner Pots

From $22 at Ninja

Fit the pot

If you want to replace your Ninja Foodi’s ceramic-coated nonstick inner pot, then straight replacements are relatively affordable. If you’re the super-organized type, you can buy an extra one before your old one wears out. It’s always useful if you’re making multiple dishes.

Let’s bundle

Foodi Deluxe Baking Kit

$30 at Ninja

Three-piece sweet

Compatible with both sizes of Ninja Foodi, we love the Deluxe Baking Kit. For only a few dollars more than a single replacement pot, you get three items of bakeware that will extend your cooking capabilities to no end.

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