What you need to know

  • WhatsApp continues to test its upcoming group poll feature.
  • A new leak shows that people can share polls after their creation.

We still don’t know when this feature will arrive, unfortunately.

WhatsApp continues to work on a new feature that will allow people to vote on polls posted to groups. A new report points out that people will be able to share polls even after they were originally created with the interface looking much the same as the one previously published.

While WhatsApp has been working on the new group poll feature for a little while, this new look confirms that people will be able to share a poll after it was originally created. However, WABetaInfo points out that WhatsApp isn’t currently showing how people voted — just the vote counts. That is expected to change in the future, and it’s important to remember that beta features are just that. Anything and everything could change before the feature comes to the masses.

This is the interface when you send a group poll after its creation, available in a future update, and it is the same one already published in a previous article about WhatsApp beta for iOS. After sending the poll, you and other people can vote for the option you choose and other participants will be able to see all votes. Actually, WhatsApp has not developed a feature that allows checking who voted for a specific option, but maybe it is planned for a future update

While it’s true that WhatsApp is already one of the best iPhone apps at what it does, that doesn’t mean that anyone is resting on their laurels. The outfit seems to be testing plenty of new features as the battle for spots on Home screens intensifies.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/whatsapp-continues-work-its-upcoming-group-poll-feature