The Fitbit Versa Lite is a capable health and fitness smartwatch that tracks exercise, calories burned, sleep, menstrual and fertility cycles, heart rate, and more. It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and has notifications for texts, phone calls, and app alerts of all kinds. You can put apps on your Versa Lite, and you can customize the watch face style. The Fitbit Versa Lite boasts a four-day battery life, and it comes in five colorways. The band colors matter less because they can be swapped out for other bands. But the aluminum around the smartwatch face can’t be changed, so it’s something to consider carefully before purchase.

Dark and neutral

Charcoal/Silver Aluminum

Staff Favorite

Silver and gray are classic, timeless colors, sure to go perfectly with just about anyone’s wardrobe. This color combination is so sophisticated. Whether you tend to wear a lot of neutrals or a lot of colors, you can’t go wrong with this one.

$160 at Fitbit

Soft, subtle purple

Lilac/Silver Aluminum

If you prefer a softer, prettier look, this one is for you. The silver aluminum case goes with everything, and the lilac band adds a more feminine touch. Not everyone will agree, but I actually think that shades of purple like this are practically neutral.

$160 at Fitbit

Light and neutral

White/Silver Aluminum

Just as neutral as the Charcoal/Silver Aluminum, this one is for the person whose wardrobe tends to skew lighter. Depending on the climate where you live, you may find this one to be a more appropriate neutral. When it’s sunny and warm, light neutrals are more appealing than dark.

$160 at Fitbit

Wildly purple

Mulberry/Mulberry Aluminum

Neutral, shmeutral. Maybe you’re not into the neutral thing at all. You like your accessories to grab attention, and it’s hard to ignore this vivid purple shining from your wrist. It’s a gorgeous color but check your wardrobe first to make sure it will go with this wild tone.

$160 at Fitbit

Electric blue

Marina Blue/Marina Blue Aluminum

This is another stunner, and I mean stunner. It’s certainly not for you if you’re looking for a neutral. This is an electric, eye-catching shade of blue you can’t ignore. Wear it if you are confident, or at least if you’re pretty sure it’ll go with most of your clothing.

$160 at Fitbit

Which one should you choose?

All of the Fitbit Versa Lite colorways cost the same and work the same, so it’s down to personal taste. Obviously, I can’t tell you what color you should like best, I can only tell you what I’d recommend for most people: Charcoal/Silver Aluminum. The silver case and the dark gray band will go with just about anything in most people’s wardrobes. The silver case is easy to match if you decided you wanted to buy an additional band or several to add to your collection.

Although I love that bright Mulberry and Marina Blue, it’s hard to imagine either of those going with much in my wardrobe. But of course, you know your closet better than I do. I’d pick the Lilac/Silver Aluminum. It still has that neutral silver case, but the band is prettier and more fun than gray. I wear quite a lot of lilac, lavender, and other colors in that palette, so it’s a safe bet for me.

There are many third-party bands out there in a range of styles and price points. There are even some that go particularly with the harder-to-match Marina Blue and Mulberry. So, you’re not limited to the band that comes with your device or even Fitbit’s band offerings.

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