We never thought we’d see it on a phone that doesn’t have camera bolted to it (a la Galaxy Camera). And there’s a good reason – 5x optical zoom on a phone took impressive feats of engineering – to underline how difficult it was, we’d like to point out that no company has done it twice.

Huawei got there first with the P30 Pro, which was released in March. Then Oppo joined with the Reno 10x zoom in June. And that’s it. No other smartphone maker has a phone 5x optical zoom.

However, neither Huawei nor Oppo followed up with new models. The Mate 30 Pro dropped back to 3x. The several Renos…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/weekly_poll_which_is_the_best_zoom_ratio_for_telephoto_cameras-news-39814.php