We’ve got good news and bad news for Xiaomi. The Mi Note 10 and its penta camera setup headlined by that monstrous 108MP sensor really got everybody excited. We can’t really remember the last time when a phone got just 10% disapproval rating, but that’s exactly what the Mi Note 10 achieved.

The bad news is that many don’t really think the rest of the hardware lives up to the standard set by the camera. The chipset was often brought up in the comments section – many feel a Snapdragon 730G is not enough at the €550 price point.

Xiaomi’s own Mi 9T Pro offers a Snapdragon 855, while costing…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/weekly_poll_results_xiaomi_mi_note_10_excites_but_chipset_lets_it_down_-news-40121.php