This year is Batman’s 80th anniversary – the Dark Knight first appeared in Detective Comics #27 way back in 1939. And today, it seems like WB Games’ Montreal studio is teasing something Batman-related – probably a new Arkham game.

The tease comes in tweet form, with a video showing the bat signal displayed on an office building. While the shot doesn’t change, four strange glyphs briefly flash over the scene. WB Games hasn’t said what they mean, but they seem to reference perennial Batman antagonist Ra’s al Ghul and the relatively new villainous organization the Court of Owls.

Now, I’m not super up to date on my Batman lore, and so I turned to PCGamesN’s resident DC comics expert Chris Capel to help make sense of what we’re looking at here. Chris explains that the fourth symbol, which looks like an evil demon’s head, is a clear reference to Ra’s al Ghul.
Ra’s appears in Arkham Knight’s DLC, which Chris says featured two factions vying for control of the organization. Depending on how that wrapped up, it could easily set up his return in a new Akham title.

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