Warframe’s next big expansion is adding a whole new layer of customisation for your space ninja toolbelt. With the arrival of Heart of Deimos, you’ll be able to recycle old warframes to use their powers with the warframes you rely on most, but you’ll have to be willing to part ways permanently with the old suits.

Heart of Deimos introduces the Helminth Chrysalis system, which developer Digital Extremes revealed at TennoCon 2020. Warframe players will already be somewhat familiar with the Helminth, which is an organism that lives aboard the Orbiter and up until now has only manifested itself in various growths and the Helminth cysts that grow on infected warframes.

Well, Heart of Deimos will be letting us come a bit more face to face with the Helminth in the free to play game. When you head back to the infirmary, you’ll find a massive Little Shop of Horrors style mouth protruding from the back wall, as well as a new area of infestation just to the left. By sacrificing an old warframe to the Helminth and keeping its ‘secretion’ meters topped off, you’ll be able to harvest one of the old warframe’s powers for use in other warframes.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/helminth-chrysalis