Warframe’s next big update will be called The Old Blood, and it will see the launch of a whole host of features that developer Digital Extremes has been teasing for ages now. The package will set the stage for Empyrean with the introduction of the Kuva Lich, it’ll bring us a new Warframe in Grendel, and it’ll offer the next step of melee 3.0 alongside reworks for Ember and Vauban.

The big addition here is Grendel, who was teased back at TennoCon. If you’ve missed the details since then, he eats enemies and stores them in his stomach to power his abilities. He can buff allies with healing, or “violently puke out a bile-soaked enemy” from his gut, “turning the consumed into a toxic projectile.” You can get the full rundown of those abilities on the official site.

The Old Blood also brings us the Kuva Lich, landing a bit earlier than their planned addition in Empyrian. It’ll be a recurring enemy type that you’ll deal with throughout the system – every time you hunt the Kuva Lich down, it’ll evolve, grab some Tenno abilities, and come back in a new location with new power.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/the-old-blood-release-date