Borderlands 3 does not let you skip cutscenes. While you, hypothetical Borderlands superfan, probably wanted to see every moment of the story the first time around, maybe you don’t need to be forced to sit through the whole plot delivery on a replay as you try out a new Borderlands 3 build. Gearbox says giving players a cutscene skip is “easier said than done,” but expects to “have a solution soon.”

While skippable cutscenes are a pretty standard feature in 2019, Borderlands 3 was built in such a way that makes it difficult. “Under the hood, the game may activate critical events based on cinematics. In order to make sure mission progression isn’t negatively impacted, we need to inspect each cinematic and make sure those events still work correctly.”

Gearbox says “We have a few ideas on how to tackle this problem and expect to have a solution soon” in its full roadmap of upcoming changes. And while “game performance and stability continue to be our top priorities” – expect the fruits of those labers to come in November – there are plenty more substantial features on the way.

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