“it’s a less successful Switch project”.

Earlier this week, another game you might have never expected to see on the Nintendo Switch was released. Yes, we’re talking about Overwatch Legendary Edition. So, how does it compare in the technical department to existing versions? Digital Foundry has now taken a look.

This conversion was handled by Iron Galaxy – the same team responsible for porting Blizzard’s Diablo III: Eternal Collection to Nintendo’s hybrid system. Compared to the previous hellish experience, Overwatch is a far more complex game to bring across to a mobile chipset and while it works, the limits of the handheld are a lot more obvious this time around.

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Original source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/10/video_overwatch_on_switch_works_but_its_far_from_perfect_according_to_digital_foundry