The new Outcast Engineer career for Vermintide 2’s Bardin Goreksson is out now, along with an introductory trailer. The DLC is available on Steam, and there’s the option to buy additional cosmetics for the dwarf’s new role as a ranged fire support specialist.

The Outcast Engineer DLC is now out on Steam for £2.99 / $3.99. However, you can also opt to buy the Outcast Engineer bundle, which is listed as -23% off and costs £7.68 / $9.99. The career itself provides an all new playstyle for Bardin, including new weapons, a new career skill (which is also a weapon), new skins and voice lines, and a new talent tree.

As we’ve reported, the Outcast Engineer’s career skill is Bardin’s new steam-assisted crank gun (Mk II). This is effectively a Gatling gun that stores energy when you crank it, and can be pulled out to provide a rain of bullets on big crowds of skaven and chaos minions as long as you’ve kept it powered up between fights. His new talent tree allows him to enhance his bombs, which he can now carry in greater numbers on his engineer’s utility belt.

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