June 27, 2019 Valve tries to clarify its Steam Grand Prix event.

The latest Steam summer sale is here, and it’s been a bit of a mess. The game discounts have all been fine, but the accompanying Grand Prix event has caused confusion for users and even worse problems for developers, as players have rushed to trim their wishlists of all but the priciest upcoming PC games.

Valve tweeted out a “PSA” that users don’t need to remove games from their wishlist to get what they want in the giveaways – “just move your favorite game to the top of your wishlist and you’re good to go!” Alongside that, the company has published a new Steam blog post outlining what’s gone wrong with the event and a few changes that are being put into place.

The instructions for the Grand Prix event have been made a bit clearer, and some changes on the back-end have been implemented to keep the race from automatically going to the most populated team over the rest of the sale. “Our goal is to host a fun event where you get to explore and use Steam in new and interesting ways, but it’s clear that this time around we could’ve done better,” Valve says.


Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/steam-grand-prix