Riot’s Valorant has had an impressive start among the world’s FPS games, but unlike with the relatively reliable dataminer previews of Rainbow Six Siege or Apex Legends, it appears that Valorant’s got a whole lot of references to cancelled or reworked characters hiding in the code. After the characters Shatter and Crusader resurfaced in a new batch of leaks, Riot has had to remind players that these are, in fact, shelved prototypes.

These are “super old cancelled characters”, Riot’s Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott says on Twitter (via Dot Esports). “I’ve talked a bunch on my stream about Crusader getting the axe. Y’all reading too much into files – lots of stuff cut from the game over time”. The dataminer framed thee characters as ideas with a high probability of having already been scrapped, but the info quickly spread through the community without the caveats.

Crusader, as it exists in the files, would’ve had a shield item that could block damage and be thrown. Crusader eventually transformed into Breach, as Scott noted during a Twitch stream some time ago.

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