Uplay Plus launches in September, and it’ll let you play a whole swath of the Ubisoft catalogue for one monthly fee. We already knew it would include upcoming PC games like Gods & Monsters, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Watch Dogs Legion, but now Ubisoft has revealed the full list of games coming to the platform.

The full list is just as wide-ranging as you might hope, including titles from Ubisoft’s biggest series going back for years. Every Prince of Persia post-Sands of Time is here, as are The Settlers 1-7, the South Park games, both Watch Dogs titles, a massive selection of Tom Clancy-branded titles, and every main series Assassin’s Creed title.

There are some notable omissions, though. Most of the Far Cry series is accounted for, but not Crytek’s original. Similarly, nearly the entire Splinter Cell series is here – except for Pandora Tomorrow, leaving you to jump from the first game to the third. But hey, at least you’re getting classics like Beyond Good & Evil, Rainbow Six, and Rayman 2.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/uplay-plus-games-list