We wish more brands would follow Umidigi’s example and release an affordable phone with stock Android – the new A3S will launch with a promotional price of just $60 and runs stock Android 10. Custom skins can be hit or miss, particularly for small makers like Umidigi and it’s often the case that a half-baked skin makes the experience of using entry-level hardware worse than it needs to be.

The Umidigi A3S will be available on December 9 through AliExpress at $60. Note that this is a promotional price and it will retail for $80.

The phone is built around a 5.7″ HD+ display and a…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/umidigi_a3s_runs_stock_android_10_and_has_a_60_price_tag_a_launch_promo-news-40386.php