It’s fair to say that Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a slightly shaky launch. Critics’ responses to the game were mixed and it looks like it’s underperformed commercially, according to a recent financial report from developer Ubisoft. Now, however, the studio is launching the first of two big, planned updates and an in-depth survey for players to help get the game on track.

As spotted by Polygon, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint devs have announced on Reddit that their “first step” towards improving and supporting the game in the long term comes with two updates, the first being due to drop this month. According to the post, this will address “several issues such as drone deployment, fire rate, NVGs blocking crosshairs, Mission Completion notification pop-ups, and more.” While there are full patch notes to come, the devs have provided a few sneak peeks at some of these tweaks in the post.

The devs add that they “have been able to work on a patch which will address the most pressing issues, fix bugs and include further improvements requested by the community,” with the next patch being available soon.

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