Ubisoft has announced it will be removing a journalist from the voice cast of Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s believed the reporter in question is being replaced due to her controversial views on gender identity.

Two in-game podcasts for which the journalist provides voiceover are being taken out and replaced in the open-world game. In a statement given to Kotaku, Ubisoft states the decision was made after some “controversial” views were brought to the publisher’s attention. “We were made aware of controversial remarks from a journalist whose voice-over performance appears in two in-game podcasts in Watch Dogs: Legion,” Ubisoft says. “Neither Ubisoft nor the game reflect this journalist’s viewpoints.”

The podcasts in Legion were put together by an external producer, and although everyone in the cast is using a pre-approved script, the studio understands the collaboration “may be seen as offensive”. The contributions will be replaced in an upcoming update, and background checks on partners will be “reinforced” in future. No time is given for when to expect said update, or who’ll be involved.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/watch-dogs-legion/removing-journalist