In June, Ubisoft began to address allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment at its worldwide studios. Now, a new report citing nearly 40 current and former Ubisoft employees has offered substantially more insight into the problems at the company, and the way those problems affected both workers and Ubisoft’s games.

Numerous Ubisoft executives have been accused of either direct harassment of female employees or fostering a ‘frat house’ mentality at the company. In a new report from Bloomberg, employees say Ubisoft executives held business meetings at strip clubs, encouraged heavy drinking, and made disparaging comments about female colleagues. Chief creative officer Serge Hascoët, who stepped down from the company earlier this month, is one of the principal people accused of creating this culture.

The report also indicates some ways these issues have affected Ubisoft’s games. Employees say that both Hascoët and Ubisoft’s marketing department shot down ideas for female protagonists, repeating the old videogame industry adage that women don’t sell.

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