An Uber error caused quite a bit of stir yesterday when some riders reported that they had been charged 100 times more than what they had owed for their ride. One user was charged $2,053 for a ride that actually cost them $20.53. The issue was reported by users in multiple countries but Uber was quick to address it.

The first reports about this error came in from Washington, D.C. and San Diego but later users from as far as Paris were reporting similar problems as well. Some also reported that they had experienced the same thing with Uber Eats as well.

Some users had received alerts from their banks about the substantial charges or the holds that had been placed on their credit cards. Uber confirmed to the Washington Post that it has addressed the issue and also apologized for it.

“We understand that this has been frustrating. There was a known issue that caused your authorization hold to be very high. Our team has already fixed this issue. Thank you so much for your patience,” it said.

Uber will correct the fares and charge customers the right amount so they don’t have to call their bank to dispute the inflated charges. Customers will “temporarily” see the charges on their bank or credit card statements, though.

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