What you need to know

  • Twitter is testing a change that it hopes will allow people to more easily discuss Spaces.
  • A new Space card will be automatically shared when a Space is created.
  • People can reply to that new card and have discussions from within the Spaces interface.

The test is only available to a limited number of people right now.

Twitter has announced a new test that it hopes will make it easier for people to talk about what they’re listening to without ever needing to turn their mic on. The new feature will be text-based and give people the chance to tweet about the Space right from within its interface.

The way Twitter explains things, those on the test will automatically generate a Spaces card whenever they start a new Space. People can then reply to that as if it was any other tweet, with others able to read and respond at will. The original card and subsequent tweets will all be available right from within the Spaces interface as well.

While Twitter isn’t saying it, the test effectively gives people a live text-based method of chatting about the Space that they’re listening to, perfect for keeping the conversation going without getting too involved. Twitter says that the test is now available on iOS and Android but isn’t saying how many people are part of it — or the likelihood that you’ll come across the new feature in your daily Spaces listening.

That aforementioned Space card will also allow for easier sharing of Spaces, it’s thought.

All of this is of course specific to the official Twitter app on iPhone and iPad, meaning those using third-party apps are out of luck. Whether you feel that the best iPhone Twitter app is its own, or not, you’re going to have to dip into it if you want to use Spaces regardless.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/twitter-basically-just-added-live-text-chat-spaces