Streaming can be a tricky thing to get into – there’s a lot to learn when you’re first getting started, from how to get your stream settings right to building scenes that work with the games you want to play. Twitch is trying to make the whole process easier: the platform has launched a beta for Twitch Studio, an app that handles a lot of this fiddly stuff for beginners.

Our esports-focused sister site The Loadout covered Twitch Studio earlier in the week, and it’s worth highlighting here too. The Twitch Studio beta is a free piece of software whose goal is to “take the guesswork out of setting up and managing your stream.”

Most streamers use a third-party streaming program like OBS or Xsplit for their streams, and those are powerful tools with a lot of options. Twitch Studio is purpose-built for Twitch streaming, naturally, and so when you’ve downloaded it and gotten it installed, you’ll start out by signing into your Twitch account.

After that, you’ll be able to start a guided setup process that automatically detects your hardware, like mic and webcam, and adjusts your stream setting to optimize them for your connection speed.

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