The Outer Worlds is out this Friday, but you can play it early – as long as you don’t mind sharing the controls with a few hundred other players. In anticipation of the full release, Obsidian has set up Twitch Plays The Outer Worlds. The studio’s latest RPG offers plenty of freedom to approach situations how you want, and naturally, Twitch immediately used that freedom for murder.

After the opening cutscenes, chat managed to get through the bulk of the tutorial in a pretty impressive 20 minutes. It’s at that point that you meet the game’s first NPC, a poor corporate employee trapped in a cave. Immediately after the conversation, chat commands for ‘RT’ – the shooty-shoot button – started to pour in. They overshot for a second, then managed to aim down a bit, and…

Boom. A single headshot, and poor Guard Pelham was dead on the floor. Chat was pretty split on whether this was a good thing or bad, but pretty much everyone agreed that it was extremely funny. You can’t beat natural comic timing.

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