Gotta go back in time.

Before the Wii U Pro Controller and the Switch Pro Controller, the general consensus amongst Nintendo fans was that the GameCube controller was, in fact, the very best plastic shell to enable the wiggling of various thumbsticks. Granted, when compared to what came before it – the safe, yet dependable NES and SNES controllers and uh… whatever that N64 thing was – the GameCube controller didn’t need to do a whole lot to come out on top, but it was nevertheless a comfortable, attractive piece of kit (if you ignore the rather terrible C-Stick).

If you, like us, long for the simpler days of the GameCube, then the good news is that you can practically turn your Switch into one with Retroflag’s Handheld Controller. It’s a transparent case that takes the iconic purple colour of the GameCube and whacks on a bunch of similar looking thumbsticks and buttons to pay homage to Nintendo’s cute little console box. You’ve got a proper d-pad here, green and red ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons respectively, slightly curved shoulder buttons, and even a dinky little C-Stick in place of the regular right analogue stick.

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