A World of Warcraft Classic guild for gay players suddenly had its name changed earlier this week, after what Blizzard says were numerous reports that the title was inappropriate. The guild – Gay Boys – now has its name back after manual review. Blizzard says that the guild is free to continue appealing, but similarly suggests that the same action may keep happening.

A member of Gay Boys sent a copy of Blizzard’s initial email about the name change to Ars Technica. It said that “our fellow players reported your in-game name as inappropriate multiple times,” and that a “thorough investigation” led to the suspension of the guild’s creator. The group itself was automatically renamed ‘Guild ZFXPK.’

The suspension was quickly overturned, but it was a bit longer before Blizzard customer service reinstated the guild’s original name. A further message from the company says “I too would hate to lose my account if the account was caught up in something some thought was violating the TOS/EULA and got the guild renamed, and I’m bummed yours was.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/world-of-warcraft/gay-boys