What you need to know

  • Transcend has announced a new 1TB version of its MacBook Pro storage expansion card.
  • The 1TB JetDrive Lite 330 Expansion Card is available for $250.
  • The new card supports the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro plus older models with an SD card slot.

Now you can easily add more storage to your MacBook Pro.

Storage accessory maker Transcend has announced a new 1TB version of the JetDrive Lite 330 Expansion Card, a small SD card that slides into the side of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Compatible with both the new MacBook Pro as well as older machines with an SD card slot, the JetDrive Lite 330 is also available in smaller capacities with prices starting at just $36 for the 128GB version. Those who want to get the 1TB option will have to pay $250, however.

The popular storage expansion card features read speeds of 95MB/s and write speeds of 75MB/s and while it might not be the fastest storage solution ever devices, it’s a good way to stick additional storage into a MacBook Pro without cables sticking out. The JetDrive Lite 330 even looks the part thanks to an end cap that matches the MacBook Pro’s aesthetic.

Other than MacBook Pro 2021, the JetDrive Lite 330 also supports MacBook Pro (Retina) 13″ (Late 2012~Early 2015). Transcend provides other JetDrive Lite expansion cards, which are specifically designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers to suit the different slot dimensions of each model. Check our compatibility list below to find the right JetDrive Lite for your MacBook.

Anyone looking to add a touch of additional storage to their MacBook Pro can buy theirs from Amazon right now. Just unbox it, plug it in, and fill it with your stuff. It could be the best Mac accessory you buy this year!

Original source: https://www.imore.com/transcend-announces-1tb-version-its-macbook-pro-storage-expansion-card