As is Total War tradition by now, Three Kingdoms is about to get a small bit of DLC that adds excessive bits of blood, gore, and viscera. The Reign of Blood Effects Pack launches next week to make your battlefields run red, and to bump up the game’s age rating in various territories.

As the new list of Steam content descriptors shows, you’ll now have “violent battle fatalities, gory combat animations on the campaign map, blood spraying across the battlefield and spilling on the floor, guts spilling out of stomach wounds, blood-soaked event clips, dismemberment of both humans and horses, and decapitation of humans.”

Yes, horses are equally affected by the new gore implementation. There’ll be a slider that lets you adjust how much gore you see, though no details on whether there are separate horse and human toggles for the animal lovers out there. Either way, you’re also getting loads of new death animations for when your characters take down infantry, and plenty of bodies dotting the battlefield in the aftermath of war.

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