Too bad for Apple that they didn’t realize they reached peak iPad last year. Stick a fork in it, Tim. It’s done.

(Note: do not stick a real fork in your iPad as it will void the warranty.)

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and scratch-and-dent idea outlet, Harold Stark is disappointment incarnate.

“The New iPad Pro 10.5-Inch: We Expected Better Apple.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Sean Daly

How do you justify an upgrade when the device you own has already reached perfection?

Well, the Macalope supposes you can’t. That’s the thing about false dilemmas.

Why, by adding more features, of course.

But… it was perfect before. If it was perfect, new features should either be impossible or shouldn’t matter.

[looks at own hoof, questions the meaning of the word “hoof”]

When it comes to the new iPad Pro… I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

Rectangle. Comes in a box. What’s different, really?

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