If you’re a fan of scooping up some great free PC games – I mean, who isn’t? – you’ll no doubt be aware that the Epic Games Store is giving away a batch of titles for free this holiday as part of a ’15 days of free games’ bonanza. The latest game available to grab for the low, low price of nothing has just landed, and it’s one of the best roguelikes on PC.

Head to the Epic Games Store today (as of writing) and you’ll see Red Hook Studios’ 2016 roguelike RPG game Darkest Dungeon is the latest freebie up for grabs. Sweet. If you haven’t yet tried it, Darkest Dungeon mixes gothic, haunting visuals with challenging turn-based combat, and “the psychological stresses of adventuring”.

Your job in the game is to train and lead a band of fellow explorers – each “flawed” in their own ways – and delve deep into the bowels of, well, the darkest dungeons, battling beasties and scooping up treasures as you go.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/darkest-dungeon/free-epic-store-game