Today is July 8, and according to various repositories of obscure holidays, that means it is National Videogame Day. You’d be forgiven for confusing it with the National Videogame Day of September 12, or for believing both ‘holidays’ are entirely made-up, but historians have managed to trace the origins of the date back to David Earle and the Kid Video Warriors.

If you’re now wondering who David Earle or the Kid Video Warriors are, that’s where the trail runs cold. A couple of years ago, Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation tracked down the earliest appearance of ‘Videogame Day’ in print to the 1991 edition of Chase’s Calendar of Events.

That listing declares a “Video Games Day” for July 8: “A day for kids of all ages who enjoy videogames to celebrate the fun they have while playing them.” David Earle is listed as the sponsor, and he’s credited as the president of an organisation called Kid Video Warriors. Getting a date into Chase’s Calendar is as simple as submitting that date to the publisher as a sponsor.

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