What you need to know

  • An Apple Music bug appears to be causing its icon to replace others in iPhone docks once downloaded.
  • Some people have suggested Apple is having iOS do this on purpose.
  • The obvious bug has already been pounced upon by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney.

Apple Music is replacing other apps in iPhone docks once downloaded and it isn’t a good look.

Some people are reporting a strange bug that causes Apple Music to take a place in their iPhone’s dock when downloaded — even if it has to replace another app that’s already there.

Update, May 5 (4:11 pm ET) — Apple is aware

Apple tells me that it knows this Apple Music bug is being experienced by some people and that it’s looking into it. Hopefully a fix isn’t too far away.

The issue, which appears to be impacting people seemingly at random and across builds of iOS 15, can cause the Apple Music app to replace whatever is already in the dock and, as you can imagine, that’s lead to more than a few conspiracy theories. Especially when the app that Apple Music replaces happens to be Spotify!

TechCrunch reports that the issue doesn’t seem to be specific to a particular iPhone model, so those with an iPhone 13 are just as likely to be as affected as anyone using an iPhone SE, for example.

Perhaps predictably, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has already jumped on the situation, suggesting that Apple has “rigged their operating system to do this.”

As much as people are predictably suggesting that Apple is doing this on purpose to give Apple Music a leg up over Spotify and the competition, this is clearly a bug rather than anything untoward. However, at a time when Apple is continually facing antitrust investigations and probes relating to the way it favors its own apps and services over those provided by third parties, this is definitely a problem that it could do without.

After all, we all know that Apple Music is the best iPhone music streaming service without the need to resort to underhanded tactics, right?

Original source: https://www.imore.com/weird-apple-music-bug-could-get-apple-more-antitrust-hot-water