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Welcome to Etherborn, a Game Where the Entire World is at Your Feet
Hello, Xbox Wire fans! My name is Samuel, and I’m one of the members of Altered Matter – a small studio that’s located in sunny Barcelona, Spain. I want to tell you a little bit about our game Etherborn, a project that we’ve worked on for the last four years of our lives… Read more

Star Trek Online Adds Captain and Commander to the Ranks in Rise of Discovery Update
Turning the ideals of Starfleet on its head and manipulating his own crew, Jason Isaacs’ Captain Gabriel Lorca was one of the most interesting characters to ever appear in a Star Trek television show. The mystery of Lorca’s character was central to the arc of the first season…. Read more

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Hero ImageBloodstained: Ritual of the Night Hero Image

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Emerges from the Shadows on Xbox One
It was May, 2015 when veteran game developer Kogi “Iga” Igarashi took a leap of faith and launched his concept for a new game on Kickstarter. Four years later, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night triumphantly makes its debut as a side-scrolling breakout hit. The journey…. Read more

E3 2019: The Creature in the Well is a Weird, Cool Riff on Pinball
You’d think that pinball and the basic mechanics of hack and slash gameplay would be completely incompatible, but The Creature in the Well is here to prove that a hybrid of the two only takes a little imagination. The artfully-rendered title, from a developer pair… Read more

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Hero ImageCrash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Hero Image

Bandicoots, Start Your Engines! Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Available Now on Xbox One
It’s a survival of the fastest! Fully remastered to take advantage of the latest game graphics and physics, but still exhibiting the gameplay fans of Crash have loved for over 20 years, Crash Bandicoot is back and burning rubber starting now on Xbox One… Read more

Anyone Can Drive in Monster Jam Steel Titans on Xbox One
The backbone of the Monster Jam fan community is largely comprised of families. Moms and Dads bring their kids to live event shows across the globe and are always looking for ways to extend that Monster Jam family experience beyond the stadium. As a long-time developer… Read more

The Sinking City Hero ImageThe Sinking City Hero Image

Read Part One of the Origin Story of The Sinking City’s Hero
Hi, everyone! We’re thrilled to finally launch The Sinking City on Xbox One and we have prepared something special for you today. The Sinking City is a game of investigation and adventure taking place in a fictional world inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft…. Read more

NFL Great Marshawn Lynch and NBA’s Lonzo Ball to Play Fortnite on Xbox Sessions
Calling all Fortnite fans and sports fanatics! Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and NBA point guard Lonzo Ball will join us for the next episode of Xbox Sessions. The superstar athletes will go head-to-head in Fortnite today, June 27 at 4:00 p.m. PDT on the Xbox Mixer… Read more

Free Play Days - theHunter Hero ImageFree Play Days - theHunter Hero Image

Free Play Days – theHunter: Call of the Wild
Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the wild, calling out to you to step into a majestic world full of wildlife and big-game hunting opportunities. Through this weekend, Xbox Live Gold members can heed the call and play theHunter: Call of the Wild. Immerse yourself… Read more

Brave the Depths of The Labyrinth, Now Available on Roblox for Xbox One
The world of The Labyrinth is, quite fittingly, full of twists and turns. You’ll never know what to expect the next time you and your friends step foot inside its mind-bending, ever-changing web of unforgiving traps, bloodthirsty monsters, elaborate puzzles, and dead ends… Read more

“Imagine Dragons’” Dan Reynolds to Compete in LOVELOUD Xbox Game Pass Challenge for LGBTQ+ Charities
You may know Dan Reynolds best for commanding the stage as the lead singer of “Imagine Dragons,” but he is also a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2017, Dan founded the LOVELOUD Foundation to help ignite and progress the relevant and vital… Read more

Tune-In Tomorrow to ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series: The Bonds and Betrayals of Brotherhood Episode 3
Stemming from Xbox’s partnership with ELEAGUE, the six-part docu series focused on the stories and players behind the world of Gears Esports on TBS aired its second episode last week. In Episode 2 of The Bonds & Betrayals of Brotherhood, the primary professional… Read more

ID@Xbox Game Pass - Hero ImageID@Xbox Game Pass - Hero Image

Here’s Everything We Revealed Today on the ID@Xbox Game Pass Showcase
The second ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase is a wrap! In case you couldn’t watch today, you can find the video on demand (VOD) above. But if you want the TLDR, don’t worry – we have you covered with this episode recap. In addition to announcing more games coming… Read more

Tune in for the Next ID@Xbox Game Pass Showcase
The next ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase is just around the corner! Tune in Thursday, June 27 at 9:00 a.m. PDT on the Xbox YouTube channel to hear about great games coming to Xbox Game Pass from independent developers. In this second showcase… Read more

Doom: Eternal Hero ImageDoom: Eternal Hero Image

E3 2019: Hands-on with the Ultimate First-Person Shooter, Doom: Eternal
I imagine the planning meeting for Doom: Eternal went something like this, with the following notes scribbled on id Software’s whiteboard: “Keep everything that works.” “Add new multiplayer mode.” “Let’s have a grapple hook… no…. let’s call it a Meathook!” “Taco Tuesday this week?” “Ooh, let’s add wall-climbing and double-dash abilities.” And in big bold letters… Read more

Explosive Growth in Trove with Going Green Update, Live Now on Xbox One
Ready your green thumb for Trove’s brand-new gardening update! In Going Green, there’s new seeds to sow, crops to harvest, and rewards to reap. Gardening is bigger and better than ever! New vegetable and alchemy plants bring variety to any garden. Before you can reap what… Read more

Crackdown 3 Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 Free Flying High Campaign Update Available Now
Welcome back, Agents! Last month, we gave you Crackdown 3’s Keys to the City, providing a deep menu of Campaign tools and cheats to unleash unprecedented havoc, alongside a new vanity progression system for Wrecking Zone. Today, we’re excited to announce… Read more

The Nonsense Dance of Destruction in BackSlash, Available Now on Xbox One
I’m pretty sure the first prototype of BackSlash was born under impulses of feverish dreams. Overpowered and warlike kung-fu sorcerers clashing faster and faster until one falls. This is the very first “concept art” that was made for the game a few years back… Read more

Battletoads Hero ImageBattletoads Hero Image

E3 2019: Battletoads Revives Cartoonish Brawling
The original Battletoads, developed by Rare, arrived in 1991 to enthrall gamers. Now the three toads — Pimple, Rash, and Zitz — have been revived by Diala Studios and Rare for a new three-player beat ‘em up, available soon with Xbox Game Pass, that looks to… Read more

Next Week on Xbox: New Games for July 3 to July 5
Welcome to Next Week on Xbox, where we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox One! Every week the team at Xbox aims to deliver quality gaming content for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console. To find out what’s coming soon to Xbox One… Read more

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E3 2019: Battletoads Revives Cartoonish Brawling
Read Part One of the Origin Story of The Sinking City’s Hero
Crackdown 3 Free Flying High Campaign Update Available Now

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