Arts and crafts have made an interesting resurgence in the era of social media, and one redditor has found a way to blend that trend with PC building. With the help of a father who has recently developed an interest in wood burning, this poster has created a rather beautiful and natural looking wall-mounted PC.

The PC itself is built around a Ryzen 3600 and an overclocked 1080ti GPU. Those are cooled with a Bykski water block and a Thermaltake D5 pump, although heat management probably isn’t too difficult with this completely open design.

That’s the unique part of this build: everything is mounted on a piece of beautifully burned and stained Merbau decking timber. Electricity is used to burn natural-looking, random patterns in the wood, and here they look like ghostly tree limbs that spider off into delicate branches and twigs. The builder provides additional details in an imgur gallery linked in the reddit post. The motherboard is mounted on the wood using M3 standoffs and M3 nuts, and they used angle brackets to mount the radiators and power supply.

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