Tiny is Dota 2’s ruminant stone giant, able to summon avalanches, throw his enemies around, and ponder the meaning of existence. Now he’s been brought to life in the form of a statue that is probably something like life size.

Belarusian artist Edgar Milashevich created the Tiny statue (spotted by the Dota 2 subreddit) using art concrete over a frame built from brick and wire mesh, and it’s an impressive piece of work. Like Tiny – at least once he’s gained a few levels – it’s a sturdy piece too. Milashevich created a video that documents his creation of the statue, and at one point he’s seen standing on top of his creation.

The finished statue stands about three meters (10 feet) tall, which is probably a pretty good approximation of how big Tiny would be in real life. I’m not actually sure how big stone giants are supposed to be in Dota 2’s world, but this statue is plenty large enough for a small child to sit comfortably in its left hand. I’m thinking this is large enough to hurl your average hero into a crowd of enemies.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/dota-2/tiny-statue