Skyrim has a lot of dragons, and it has a lot of you learning dragon language so you can yell at them. But it doesn’t give dragons very many opportunities to talk to you. One modder thinks that’s a bit weird given that dragons are intelligent creatures fully capable of common speech, so now there’s a mod to make dragons chattier. There’s something for all occasions among the best Skyrim mods, after all.

Talkative Dragons makes everyday dragons in the world talk during combat through creative reuse of some of the game’s original voice lines, so you’ll actually hear some dialog outside of story-centric battles with the likes of Paarthurnax and Odahviing. Besides the generic combat barks, they’ll even get properly mad if you use the Dragonrend shout against them.

“This mod reuses some vanilla voice lines to make dragons speak during combat, so they feel like sentient creatures instead of just mere beasts,” mod creator Voeille says.

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