It’s not easy being a friend or follower of the Dragonborn. Sure, you get to tell your nearest and dearest you were there when the mighty Dovahkiin slayed this Elder Dragon, rescued that prisoner, or plundered a really big stash o’ loot from a spriggan-guarded cave. But, basking in reflected glory sometimes isn’t quite enough – which is where a brand-new pal appreciation mod comes in.

WhiteWolf424242’s new ‘I’m glad you’re here – a follower and spouse appreciation mod’ lets you dish out some big ol’ Dovah-cuddles to those in your life you feel need some recognition for following you into battle or minding the hearth while you’re off playing the chosen one. The mod adds a hug animation and associated dialogue, and the only condition, the modder explains, is that they have to be your follower at the time.

As you can see in the clip below, the followers will even respond if they have a base game voice type, responding with nice things like: “I’m glad we’re friends!”. Even grumpy old housecarl, Lydia. Aww.

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