Along with apparently a lot of people, I’m pretty excited for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. But the longer it sits in development, the more concerned I get about what it’s eventually going to be, and this latest video of the beta version hasn’t allayed my concerns.

The video shows some one-on-one combat in a local map. We get to see some of the ramparts and the inner castle. And it looks fine.

It really does look fine. Everything is working well in the video. The maps and scenery look pretty terrific, in fact. But watching the combat in action, I guess I don’t really know why I’d want to pick this game over something like, say, Chivalry 2 or Mordhau, both of which seem to want to handle blade-on-blade combat better.

But in fairness, Mount & Blade isn’t strictly a combat game. We’re waiting on a big strategy title in which these fights take place within a larger context, right? You’ll lead your men on a raid, come back with more goods, and bolster your army.

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