NEWS – Most multi-tools have a core set of tools like a knife, a bottle opener, scissors, and maybe a saw. All good right? But the Zippo SureFire Multi-Tool takes a new step in EDC pocket tools and offers a built-in flint wheel sparker. That’s right, this multi-tool will help you start a fire.

Folded, the SureFire is 3.60 inches long, so it will easily fit in your pocket or you can hang it from your bag.

Open it up and you have a double cut saw blade, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, a flint wheel with storage for 2 extra flints (not included) and a tinder grater. The SureFire Multi-tool is only $19.95 directly from Zippo.

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This multi-tool is on fire – literally originally appeared on The Gadgeteer on May 8, 2020 at 10:01 am.

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