There’s many great Minecraft mods out there, but this latest one might be the pinnacle. Finally, after over a decade, Minecraft has peaked with a mod that lets us play Minecraft on a PC – in Minecraft.

A video of the grand Minecraft-ception was uploaded to YouTube by Mj11jM. In the five minute clip, a player walks up to a hut marked ‘Inception Room’, containing a PC sitting on the Minecraft start screen. Then, they play for a few minutes, wandering around the vestiges of a largely serene map, before exiting. The frame-rate’s a little choppy, expected given the layers of software going on here, but it works.

The idea sprung from a tweet by foone, a programmer who specializes in old, out-dated hardware, about making a working Windows 95 PC in Minecraft using VM Computers, a mod that lets you spawn and build your own custom PC in the sandbox game. Now, you can’t run Minecraft on Windows 95, but you can do it on a version of Linux that’s compatible with the VM components. Once the theory was considered in the thread, it was a matter of time, and here we are – thesis proven.

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